Memorizing Stuff – Part 1

This is part 1 of a series I’m doing on how to memorize pretty much anything. For my examples, I will use the memorization of specific text.

In many areas of life we need to memorize something whether it be words, pictures, icons, tools, numbers etc, and my methods used in my life have almost entirely revolved around the use of our 5 senses. I have shared this method with a number of people who have commented that it works, but remember, I am not an expert and these details come from experience and trials.

Method: Remember The 5 Senses

Thinking back on your life, you remember a large volume of information, whether it be a poem, song, periodic table of elements, or picture; but I urge that you remember more than you  can put in words…. sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and how things feel.

Now before I get into details on each of the 5 senses and how you can use them to improve your memory, I have to tell you that repetition is the key to success in memorization. Further to that, it will be impossible to memorize the entire text in one shot, so focus should be given on small manageable sections, usually between 3-7 words many times in succession.

You will also not be able to commit anything to memory without acknowledging that your brain in some respects acts like a muscle and any excessive stimulation requires some downtime for it to recuperate, so leave lots of lead time in your preparations, just how your workout doesn’t give instant results but takes time to build muscle and obtain the desired end.

The 3rd key item is to remove distractions. This might be the most difficult but is essential because every sense will either promote or detract from your efforts. Distractions can come in many guises. Put your phone away, turn the ringer off, move away from TVs and other media; essentially just cleanse your area so that complete focus can happen on your task at hand. Another non-sensory distraction is what the rest of your body is doing…. so, don’t eat a huge meal then expect the brain to be able to operate a peak efficiency while extra blood is sent to aid in digestion.

Follow these first 3 steps and you’re already well on your way to getting that speech, song, poem, or flash cards committed to memory.


Would love to hear your thoughts!