What do you do for relaxation? Is it even possible in this day and age?

I am such a fan of putting my feet up, first thing in the morning with a good book and a coffee. As the day goes on, substitute a nice refreshing beer. With a little boy, my opportunities to relax are getting few and far between, almost to the point of being obsolete. But there is hope. Not hope that I will be able to put my feet up because, let’s get real here, life is different now. My hope is that I will find 5, 10, 15 or even 30 minutes just for myself to do something that can be relaxing.

Recently with all my hobbies, I’ve chosen to take on projects that are not necessarily small, but not the building of a skyscraper. This way I am able to do a little at a time as needed or as time permits.

The other way I’ve found to take a break, is to take my son for a walk. Not to say that having a walk with my wife is not appreciated or good on it’s own, but when we do, we end up talking about life, bills, schedules, etc., which is not relaxing.

My new found hope is not to relax my body, that’s what sleep is for, it’s to relax my brain, let it take a break from the 100s of things that fill our thoughts every day.


Please comment to this post to share with others what you do to relax, physically, emotionally, mentally. I think everyone can benefit from 5 minutes to themselves.

Would love to hear your thoughts!